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Thread: Speed of "Checking" status on Utorrent

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    I was wondering if anyone knows what determines the speed that utorrent checks files. Meaning say I downloaded a torrent from tracker A and get the same one to upload on tracker B, utorrent checks how much of the file is in the folder and continues the DL from there.
    On my PC it's pretty quick but on my seedbox it takes ages so my question is what effects its speed.
    My guess is the RAM (have 4 GB on my laptop and 512MB on my box), then again I had a box a while ago with 2GB and it was pretty slow as well.

    Also any tips that can speed up the process would be appreciated.


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    ram + processor speed

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    i always thought it was by how fast your hard drive is. not sure.

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    Of course those things do have an effect...the biggest factor is how much of the file you already have. The more you have, the more there is to be checked and the longer it will take.
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    the factor here is the HDD seek time e.g if you have a couple of downloads at 6-8Mbits and uploading at the same time 6-8Mbits there are already way too many disk reads and writes, then on top of that you'll have the hard disk checking the new torrent file this will cause a lot of slow seek times for the hard drive...

    In order to make torrent checking faster you'll have to pause any uploads & downloads!!!

    P.s it doesn't matter too much about cpu or ram! ... if anyone tells you anything other ask your self, is the last poster(me) a systems analyst?? or are they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zed123 View Post
    In order to make torrent checking faster you'll have to pause any uploads & downloads!!!
    it's even better to stop them.
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