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Thread: Win2k Custom Install

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    Hey, I have been looking everywhere for this one and can't seem to find a solution. I have integrated SP4 into my Windows 2000 Pro CD, but there's one more thing Im trying to do.

    I am trying to include driver support for my ATA controller. It is an onboard controller, and my primary hard drive is connected to it. However, when I boot from the Windows installation CD, the drivers are not on there, so every time I install, I have to make a floppy disk that has the drivers on it. I would like to include the drivers on the CD, so that they would automatically load when the CD is booted. Does anyone know how I would go about this?


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    There might be a slipstream command similar to the servicepack or you could try just dropping it into the drivers folder before you burn. I dunno, MS probably has a plan. Or does windows beta have a forum? maybe ask there.

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    I can't find a slipstream command to put drivers into the installation. I have read about including files on the cd and installing them using the $OEM$ string. That's not what I want, though. Someone's gotta know how to do this.

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