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Thread: Rise of the Arogonauts- anybody ?

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    Hi , Has anyone played this game yet ? Please share your views regarding this game.


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    I have not played it but it got pretty bad reviews across the board.

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    not a lot of good rpg games these day

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    Played for about 4 hours, up until the moment you get on the boat (I was taking my time). It's pretty interesting, if you like Greek mythology (even if some things are incorrect or badly interpreted). Pretty simplistic combat, no combo system and almost no RPG elements make for a pretty shallow game.

    Those are my initial impressions and I'll withhold my judgment until I've played more.
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    Thanks a lot everyone....

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    Just finished this game yesterday...the story is awesome...the ending....well they could have worked a little more on that

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    I played this game for less than 30 min and immediately uninstall it.

    One of the worst hack n slash game, with relatively poor gameplay and graphic is not that great.

    Skip this.

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    I didn't play it, but I heard really bad reviews about it!


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