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Thread: [Req] Childbytes

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    I'm not the most active member of these forums... but if you see my rep and posts you will see that I am NOT a trader and occasionally do some decent giveaways.

    I am looking for an invite to Childbytes. I have twins that are 17 months old and just started getting interested in watching television. I want to get them some educational videos as well as some cartoons... but they are so expensive!! Baby Einstein videos are over $20 and they are only 30 minutes long!!

    Anyway... I hold accounts at several well respected trackers. All of my accounts are in good standing. I always keep a good ratio, and I have never been banned or suspended from a site. I use my invites very wisely, and have never been burned because I only invite people I trust completely.

    So here are a couple of screenshots of my accounts. I have a dedicated seedbox at my house with good upload speeds through Comcast (150k/sec upload).

    BitMeTV VIP
    TheDVDClub Maniac Mover
    Iplay Power User
    Waffles Power User

    Thanks in advance.

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    There are not to many users that have invites nowadays in childbytes. I had a lot of invites on previous childbyte versions, but now I have none.

    They are open for signup sometimes, but if you can't get in, in a week or so, I'll have enough bonus points to exchange for an invite, and I will help you.

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    PM me your mail
    Happy New Year


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