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Thread: Ucshares This Program Rocks

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    Did you know that millions of computer users are voluntarily sharing files to the whole world?

    When you use Napster/Kazaa/Morpheus, you can only download files that were shared specifically for that program. Our software allows you to find computers with open shares and browse them. Allowing you to download any file type and giving you access to files no matter what program they are being shared for!

    uCshares Software is currently listed at these fine sites*
    2000shareware* 1000Files
    SharewareJunction aFreeGo



    What sets uCshares apart from the competition?

    As far as competition goes, there isn't any! However, let's just consider Kazaa and Morpheus to be the competition, since they are the most similar.
    Functionality:* P2P File Sharing software like Kazaa and Morpheus only let you download files that were specifically shared for that program. This software lets you view any voluntarilly shared file on a remote system.

    Options:* Whether you are looking for music, movies, photos, documents, games or programs, this software can handle any file type. You can copy any voluntarily shared file from a remote computer just like it was on a shared drive!

    Scalability:* Because the software uses Windows Explorer to view shares, it will be automatically updated whenever you upgrade your operating system!

    Perfomance:* We have extensively tested this software to make sure it can run full-speed for days at a time. The software scans incredibly fast by ignoring IP Addresses with no computers attached to them.

    uCshares Software has No Spyware !!!
    I tried this program on 56k and it works, you search netblocks of ips from ISP's, which you get from the search in the program, for instance search for comcast in the US, i found searching for wholesalers better in Australia as alot of the ISP's are resellers like Dodo which resells comindico.

    It does have a banner in the program but you can block this in the host file.

    Overall this seems quite good, look forward to using this program more.

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    isn't ip (port) scanning illegal or at best discouraged? Also this is a leeching program, no? Does it work with firewalls?

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    "Our software allows you to find computers with open shares and browse them. "
    it is basically what most ppl would class as hacking....port scanning is not illegal to the best of my knoledge but i do know if you dont know how to bounce your scan you will be disconected from your ISP as soon as a few ppl report their firewall logs files to your ISP

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    Let me tell u quickly what these ppl sucks

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    The worlds most powerful peer to peer file sharing spy software application available!


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