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Thread: seedbox setup

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    hi guys decided to try my own dedi from
    2xl burstable but i am compleate noob would not know where to start
    i need a guy to set it all up for me if this is you please get in touch with a price for your sevices cheers

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    We can help you do it for free bud, if you're a complete noob i'd recommend just installing Windows on it. Does the job perfectly

    However if you're wanting linux there is a very good guide at the top of this forum.

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    windows is an extra 15 per month Windows 2003 Basic
    is this like just using my windows pc ?

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    Forget paying extra for window get an Ubuntu server and log into it the desktop using Nomachines

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    ya bro .. it's so easy to use windows .
    Utorrent is the best

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    read that through thats what scares me

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    naa, it's easier than it looks, trust me cuz 50% of it is explanations for other OS's and 30% of it is extras that you don't have to do..
    and if you get a Ubuntu desktop i could explain it in about 45 seconds..

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    if i have this installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop operating system
    do i need to do much in the way of extra setting up thanks guys

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    With Ubuntu Desktop installed, you can simply use NXClient:

    This will allow you to connect to the desktop like RDP in windows.

    Then Install Wine and utorrent:

    You will also need to install an FTP Server:

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