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Thread: Asian trackers?

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    Have you guys heard of any private trackers that specialize in movies/music etc that come from asia?
    Most of the sites that offer downloads to asian content have the files up on filesharing sites like megaupload and mediafire - not many of bittorrent; but that might be because the private trackers are too sneaky and secret for me to find. Do you guys know of any?

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    I'm a member of asiandvdclub, its all right. 40,000 members and 20,000 torrents.

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    I recommend, rapidly growing, a lot of good seeders and torrents

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    yes~hdc is pretty good now~

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    bithq(also have asian dvdr)

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    yeah defenently asiandvdclub and hdchina

    asiandvdclub signups are open
    hdchina signups closed

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    ADC is a very good Asian tracker esp. in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian Stuff too.
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    Lots of movies from asian region

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    ADC is just great. Lots of DVD's and lots of active members.

    HDChina is decent... I was quite disappointed when I got in. Lots of stuff you can get at other places.

    Avistaz is kinda weird. For having 100,000+ members there's rarely a torrent with 100 peers total (seeds and leechers). Great DVD-Rip selection.

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