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Thread: swebits

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    trying to register at swebits! I got the right answers for the questions but every time I try and put in a password it will not let me click the register button.

    this may help;
    * Du måste använda både stora och små bokstäver i ditt lösenord
    * Du måste blanda in siffror i ditt lösenord
    * Du måste använda specialtecken i ditt lösenord
    * Ditt lösenord måste vara minst 8 tecken långt

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    I don't know swedish. I had got the same problem. I just guessed what could be written and I was right. It says that your password must contain a special character and a number. And the minimum size is 8 characters

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    take care

    You must use both capital and lowercase letters in your password
    * You have to mix up numbers in your password
    * You must use special characters in your password
    * Your password must be at least 8 characters long

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    I didn't use captials, numbers or special character in the pass I just signed up with.


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