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Thread: Filesharing

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    early in july i downloaded a movie-terminator3- i get a letter from my cable company-charter-they tell me a place called media sentry has proof and sent me copies that i was sharing copyrighted material. anybody ever hear of this?they said the cable company-will cancel my internet service.can my cable service tell me what to do-this sucks

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    I have never heard of it but i think there is some kinda organization going after people who download movies and sometimes tv shows but its not that common

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    would sbc yahoo do this? cause i download alot but would SBC Do this!!

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    not that i'm trying to help you escape the long arm of the law or anything, but i once heard this story about a guy in pretty much the same position as you
    he got off a similar charge by deleting the file and then asking his isp to prove he had/has had the file...
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    You know how dumb it is for people to distribute a file just to get someone in trouble. Thats kinda hipacridical.


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