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Thread: Mldonkey G2gui 0.1 And Mldonkey Core 2-5-devel-6

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    MLdonkey G2gui 0.1 and MLdonkey Core 2-5-devel-6
    posted by Anonymous on September 11, 2003 @ 02:44am

    From MLDonkey World:

    The G2gui Team is proud to announce:

    G2gui, the Next Generation MLdonkey Frontend has been released as version 0.1 after more than 3 months of precise planning and implementation. G2gui is a (almost) fully feature-complete beautiful GUI to control the MLdonkey Core and is the successor of MLdonkey's "famous ugly" mlgui. The G2gui project has been founded by vnc in the long-term effort to make MLdonkey much more userfriendly. The G2gui team has come a long way since then. G2gui is striving to be fully crossplatform and easy to use (linux and windows builds are currently available as well as the source).
    Download G2gui version 0.1 for Linux GTK2

    Download G2gui version 0.1 for Widows

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    luks nice but what is it? lol
    is it like a edonkey client?

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    ML Stand for MULTI-Network P2p. ML-Donkey combines Kazaa, Fastrack, Edonkey and Gnutella in the Installer for Windows.

  4. File Sharing   -   #4
    oh rite. mite try it

    Have u had a go yet?

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    Have u had a go yet?
    No, i don't like the p2p programs with too much crap inside.


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