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Thread: Can the xbox360 be softmoded?

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    Yes or no?

    Can it be softmoded and still regain the ability to play online?

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    Hell no. You can only use a modchip or flash the DVD drive

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    umm to my knowledge no....yet u can read up on modding from or
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    Yes, it can be soft modded. There is no certainty that you won't get banned from live. You are most likely to get banned if you play a game before it's made available to the public or you download or make a bad backup.

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    Yes, it can if you have a 360 with a toshiba drive. Check out or for details.
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    You can only flash the dvd drives firmware.
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    yes it can.
    you have all the steps and software necessary for each drive model here: xbox-scene
    also, keep in mind that to flash it, you will need a PC with an available SATA2 port.

    and you can play online, making assured that you only go live with the game AFTER it is available for selling. Many pirate releases happen way before they are available to sell and some people go play live meanwhile, which grants them a Live ban.
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