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Thread: can you connect MP4 players to the TV?

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    if i put a xvid movie on the MP4 player can i connect it to the TV and watch it there? do most MP4 players do this? i imagine they'll have to have a video output etc, those 3 cables- yellow, white,red. anyone got a mp4 player that connects to the TV?

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    I would imagine they make em with tv out like the ipods have but it all depends if yours can do it. What player do you have? Have you checked the manual?

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    Keep in mind it will look like shit though. Chances are is it can play on the mp4 player it'll be around 15fps (frames per second) and USA tv is at 29.9 I think PAL is 25 but I may be wrong. Needless to say the quality and frames from the MP4 file will not look great on a TV screen of any decent size. What player are you talking about anyway?

    I had the Iriver U10 when it first came out and it connected to the TV but never looked any good
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