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Thread: Computer rebooting for no reason?

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    It just happened, I was just listening to music and my computer turned off, turned back to the windows screen and rebooted again. I'm using it right now but thats never happened and I'm just wondering if thats a tell tale sign of something about to happen?

    I'm backing up everything right now.

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    Obviously something happened, but was it a power glitch or something more serious.

    Turn off automatic restart so that if it was a soft restart you will see the cause if it happens again.

    And get plenty of garlic.
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    scan your computer for spyware or trojans, usually it helps

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    Sometimes it's the motherboard. If it's a desktop machine pop the cover off and look at the capacitors. They should all be flat. If any are lifting up then that could cause your problem.

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    check if your CPU fan is working, it can be due to that.

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    May be power supply , Ram, CPU fan, virus
    check PS it is the most likely cause
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    If it was a quick restart it's possible it was a brief BSOD. Sometimes the BSOD can flash for less than a second and just restart.

    It's that or you just had some sort of power surge/loss of power for a couple of seconds. If power is lost to the machine for less than a second and then given back, the computer instantly restarts and stays "switched on".

    Try it for yourself if you don't beleive me, turn your computer on, then switch it off and on again at the mains really quick. It will either stay on or reset. obviously not while you're booted in windows.
    This is also a test for faulty power supplys if you ever get a blank screen and no beeps when you swithc your computer on

    Anyway, if it doesn't happen again, I wouldn't worry about it. If it happens again, then i'd be concerned about possible hardware failure.

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    This happened to me a few times too, it turned out to be my processer, it couldn't handle all the programs I was running. Try getting a dual core, if you don't already have one, it would help a lot.

    ^ I love this :}

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    That's nothing special mate, my computers turns on randomly. For example, i shut it down and go to sleep and after 30 minutes it turns on and starts booting up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumov View Post
    That's nothing special mate, my computers turns on randomly. For example, i shut it down and go to sleep and after 30 minutes it turns on and starts booting up...
    Your network adaptor is probably set to wake the PC when there's activity.
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