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Thread: What Are The Differences In Dvd-rw Vs Dvd+rw

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    i've read stuff from googling but its confusing.
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    Originally posted by ripley02@11 September 2003 - 22:54
    i've read stuff from googling but its confusing.
    Well, what my question for you is: do you REALLY know how to use Google?

    Most people do not.

    Most people think that "the" way to use google is to just type in certain keywords related to what you are searching.

    Here, you Google Newbles, I will let you in on a little secret:

    Google can search for you more effectively if you use segmented quotation marks for blocks of words that are directly related to your desired search.

    For example, if you search for "the difference between" "dvdrw" "dvdr" you should get much better result

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    what i know theres two types of dvds... one is dvd- the other is dvd+

    the dvd you buy has to match the dvdrom drive... money making scheme? i dont know lol

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    buy the 3 in one like I did - it's an LG 4040b it's + , -, and ram . so the industry can take a crap on any two standards and the 3rd you'll still have. likely only plus or minus will go anyway. It's also aDVD player And a 24 times cdr writter as well. I gained two drives for my old P-3 450 just by buying it for my amd 2500+..You will love this's worth the bucks....I paid 299.99 canadian and got a 100.00 rebate......sweeeeeeeeet

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    both dvd's r the almost the same kind but it depends what's compatible with your burner

    proud to be american

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    guess i dont know about it


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