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Thread: Help

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    duno if im askin right place but you know the address bar in Interet explorer 6x how when you type www. it shows all the sites weve been too how can we get rid of it so it doesnt show that?

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    delete your history OR just stop looking at porn so you won't be bothered if people see what you've been on

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    lol fast answer....i wasnt lookin at porn i went to get crack for a game on and when i searched and clicked on a link to another site with the crack it has all these popups and that site has all these porn and stuff

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    u need WindowsWasher my friend

    just type kick me to fosi in google

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    Octopussy, you were already told to delete your history to get rid of the entries by proper bo I tell thee. That's all you need to do. If you don't want IE to keep a record at all, then change the number of days to keep pages in history to zero in your internet options.

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    im not talkin about history im talkin about the address bar

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    im not stupid metro if i type that it shows xxx and porn on the description idiot nice try tho...not

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    metro was trying to help you get a program that deletes your internet history.
    anyways, just rightclick the ie icon, select 'properties', a menu pops up and under the 'general' tab you can delete files, cookies and clear history

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