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Thread: Gawdamnit! R4 DS IS THE SHIT!

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    I know I'm late but for $40 I got the R4 DS bundle (included a 1 GB micro SD card) for my 7 year-old.

    Now I'm gonna get a DS just because of this.

    I already got 100 games from torrents in 20 min.

    It looks like I'm going to buy another R4 DS.
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    do u happen to have a small tutorial or link on how to play backups on the NDS ? i was thinking of offering one to my GF.

    just saw that "R4" is the modchip or whatever u wanna name it. is there any other inexpensive manner to hack it, even if it involves a lot of work ?
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    just a little info the r4 is no longer supported...The odds are if you just bought one it is a fake...The r4 team has gone the way of the dodo bird...there are newer and better carts out there...head on over to
    for some further info and better choices


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