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Thread: Half Life 2 Tech Demo On Emule

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    Its 731.45MB so it is bigger than a normal demo. maybe a beta

    And has over 50 sources

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    have you tested it? cause its probably a fake

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    No i have not tested yet. i have 267MB of 731MB .. it maybe a fake because its not listed on ISO News or NFOrce .. but ill find out soon enough

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    oh man i hope its a leak :!!!! if it is ill be so happy

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    I used shareaza to connect to emule, review & file details says it's a fake.

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    iots on suprnova too

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    I had a look on suprnova and it not on there, all i can see is HALF-LIFE 1 0 RETAIL ISO and HalfLife 2 Barricade Teaser, this file on emule is a fake.

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    stupid ass morons.

    You certainly do deserve to have your skulls rocked.

    FU!!! ..|..

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    Well most of the time if you search on emule with something like "half-life 2" and the file type is "anything", you'll find some intresting text files. If you look, you'll see text files with names like "Half life 2 demo leak is fake!!!don't download!!", or
    "Tech demo fake! Not real don't download!!fake!!!"

    Shit like that. So look for those because most of the time they are right. Guys them and us look out for each other. They spent the time downloading a fake file, so they are going to make sure you don't have to either.

    Search file type as "Anything". Or "documents" or something so you can see. Then if you find a "Tech demo leak.bin" and a "Tech demo leak bin is fake!!!.txt", then you know not to download it.

    I think I stressed that a little heh...

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    atleast some people still doin the right thing

    proud to be american

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