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Thread: Blackcats-games Invite?

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    Hello everyone, i'm a 360 gamer and used to get my 360 games from BCG but they kicked me that day for the key thing, i'm getting now the 360 games from deferring places but not all my requests are new, i need alot of old games i'v missed, also my wife own a PSP that i would like to get games for her.

    I know that alot of trackers offers console games but no one can beat BCG.

    anyway i have the proofs that you need and all what i need now is your generous invite.

    Any one willing to help me ?

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    You're too late mate. Invites were removed from all classes of BCG members last week. There is no way of getting in atm.

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    Damn , anyone have unused account to spare ?


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