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Thread: Indy Car Series Help

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    I have read every tutorial on this site and other web pages, so I am going to try my luck here. I downloaded the new irl game from supernova there are two folders one labeled cd1 and the other is cd2 (I did not have to unzip these folders). Ok that is normal I have burned many games that come like that, but this game did not come with a cue or bin file in either folder. The files in folder 1 are named flt-ind.001-.015 or something like that and the files in the other folder are named the same thing just differnt numbers. And in each folder there is a SFV file I have no idea what that file does. I would greatly apperciate any help on this.

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    They are probably RAR files. get WinRAR. click on the first RAR file. that should extract all the others RAR files automatically.

    Or after you extract the first RAR it may ask for 002. just locate 002 and open it

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    Ah got it thanks, I have never seen that method used before.


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