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Thread: Can't login to TL?

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    hi there
    i was using TL and as usual if the site is idle we have to log in again ........... but what is this i cant login .......the login and pass is correct so do the security words.......

    Anyone from TL staff i really need help here ? please

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    Ask staff at their IRC channel
    Channel: #tlhelp

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    TBH I'm not always sure about the security words when I login there myself. That might be a problem.
    anyway, what does it say when you try to log in?

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    Turn off your ad blocker if you have one on. Otherwise you should still be able to login even if one of the two words in the captcha is misspelled.
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    Is this maybe the reason?
    Quote Originally Posted by imranarif View Post
    2008-02-27 - REGISTRATIONS

    Registrations are open via invitation only.

    yes man , tl is open and i got invites to those who give me bitmetv invite ........

    no need for any proof just a trade...
    ****remember the history at FT tells about you***
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