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Thread: Any Virgin Media Users?

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    As the title says, are there any other virgin users here? If there are is your downloading going ok? I've got a 20meg service and its now taking the piss to d/l anything! From running full speed i'm now down to 300!! I've tried rebooting my modem my router but no effect! I need to try a torrent and see if it goes any faster!

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    Yes, I'm on Virgin Media. I am on the 2Mbit plan and can max it out fine, when I'm being shaped I am put down to 1Mbit which I max out too. What news server are you connecting to? Also, do you get bad speeds on everything or just when downloading from the news server? When your speed is bad try downloading a linux iso from http or ftp to check the speed
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    Wow remind me not to buy Virgin Media 20 meg service so I can browse the internet
    Life in the fast lane usenet freak

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    Im on VM 20 meg, and I max out all the time getting around 2300 kb/s which Im well happy with!!!

    YOU KNOW if you download over 6GB between 0900 and 1600 and 3 gigs between 1600 and 2100 hrs they will reduce your speed down to around 500kb/s!

    IM very happy with my speeds I know I get capped every now and again, but its the fastest broadband I can get!!

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    hmmm! Think its these tossers slowing me down!!!

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    USENET GUY, i didn't know they had more than 1 news server! I use are there any others that you can tell me about?

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    Im on VM 2meg and max no probs 250kb/s

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    VM will throttle you if you exceed a certain amount of data transfer.

    The speed on the fibre optic connections is always brilliant as you have no telephone exchange location problems but it comes at the cost of reducded speed if you use too much data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammie2k7 View Post
    Im on VM 2meg and max no probs 250kb/s
    Same here - until the traffic shaping kicks in!!

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    guys can you tell me what virgin news server you're using pliz...

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