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Thread: Fixing A Movie

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    I am tying to play a AVI movie in BSplayer. However, after playing 14 minutres, the movie stops playing. So i tried to fix it with DivFix ( I used 'Rebuild Index' function). but now after 14 miniutes, I can hear the audio but the video is extremely fuzzy.

    Actually, I am not sure how to use DivFix. Can someone guide me how to fix a movie using DivFix or any other good tool.


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    sounds like a bad movie, not much use in trying to fix it, just download again or try using verifieds and/or bt

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    I have solved the problem.

    I used 'Cut out bad parts' option and movie plays fine

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    you know..i get rather sick and tired of the lame ass "sounds like a bad file, redownload it...' response.

    one can also use virtualdub_mp3freeze to fix stuff like this...scan for bad frames, log them, and if there are multiple sets of bad frames, delete from end to beginning, rescan, and you should be set...

    good luck

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    yep I agree esaactly

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    I tried to search for "virtualdub_mp3freeze" in google,but no results.

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    search for THIS:

    virtualdub mp3freeze

    with no quotation marks, and you're done.

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    mp3 freeze is for forzen frames so it ain't always going to fix your problems but it will usually get rid of the bad frames while keeping the sound in sync in the movie.

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    try this site there are many versions of vdub there

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