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Thread: Enter The Matrix

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    Hello. It seems to me that there are some people out there who now have a working copy of Enter the Matrix. Could someone please let me know where I can find one? I have tried the Deviance version, and the startup gets a "catastrophic error" half way through. Has anyone found a good ETM copy? Thanks.

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    trust me on this one the game isn't not special It only has like 1 good level and thats fighting trinity and that goes for like 3mins the rest of the game is just shit its prob the worst game engine i've ever seen i'm pretty sure the guys that made it are pretty pissed off the way it turned out.

    Get Max Payne : Matrixed Reality Mod

    Thats a mad Matrix game !!

    Matrixed Reality

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    get the 1.52GB rip off of the Gnutella Network, that should work and if not itss probably your computer thats the problem.


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