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Thread: Freshness.

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    Jan 2009
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    Hey guys, im pretty new in the torrent community in general, but i have some knowledge. im not looking for invites..

    Just looking for some advice on a tracker that youd suggest for me.

    Im only active on one site right now, mostly cause a buddy of mine is a regular there.

    So any suggestions? I've got a good ratio there, but only up to like 15ish gigs so far, so my credibility is low - and my connection is decient. 15:2 mb/sec

    So basically what im saying is theres so many entry level sites, im kinda overwhelmed.

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    You should first tell us what you're looking for in a torrent site. This could b breadth of content, speed of files, or something else.

    Secondly you should tell us what site you're active on, so we don't end up recommending something that doesn't complement that site well.

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    Try the open for Signups thread, there are a number of good trackers to start with there.

    There Is also the tracker reviews Thread, for an Idea what there like
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    If I were you for a general tracker I'd try for TL or SCC
    for HD content : bit-hdtv
    for dvds : bithq or TTi

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    For music: (join their IRC channel for an interview, though be sure to read some stuff first)
    For TV torrents:

    The list goes on, but if you're only after scene stuff (nothing rare) you could do with the IPT, TL combo.

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    5,463 is not a good advice for new torrent user who only have one tracker since it's quite hard to maintain a ratio and to find albums to upload.
    well, to start, maybe you can give a try to :
    general/0day trackers: demonoid, iptorrents, revtt.
    music: stmusic, funkytorrents
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    If you've not got Torrent Leech then thats where I would recommend everyone to start it's the perfect proving ground for private torrenting its got a great slection of files, plenty users active forums / torrent comments it's also easy to seed once you knock down the wait times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thisbytes View Post
    So basically what im saying is theres so many entry level sites, im kinda overwhelmed.
    First find what you are interested in. That will sift a bunch of sites out. Sift out the higher levelled sites (check the sticky threads for that, or ask).

    Then either ask for an invite to like a level 3 or 2 and seed and seed and seed. Make a ton of accounts on a ton of low-levelled sites to get a ton of +1 ratios.

    Then use your high ratios to persuade other people to let you in on other trackers. Dedicate hours and hours posting on multiple forums and clicking the refresh button and you soon will get "lucky" enough to gain access to a really really rare tracker.

    Then focus everything on that lucky number 1 until you get invites for that site. Maybe even fork out a few dollars.

    Then trade those invites for other high-levelled sites.


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    I shot you an email to help check whatever email you used to sign up here and get back to me if you want.
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    torrentbytes is a good place to start. so is

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