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Thread: Anyone Know Anything About The New Family Guy Dvd?

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    Volume 1 and 2? I have searched for this but cant seem to come up with anything.

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    I saw it in a uk super-market, Tescos, for 19.99 all episods on one DVD. So i think it should be an all-in-one everywhere, at similar prices.

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    Damn is everyone on here from the UK? Are there any Americans here?
    Family Guy in the US
    Vol 1 is season 1 and 2
    Vol 2 is season 3
    each are $36
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    all the family guys are on kazaa in .mpg format. I burned them long ago. I am in canada, close enough to us me thinks, and it is like 50 bucks per volume here.

    If you wanna d'ld them use a season guide and you will be able to get them all, 50 epps by my recelection.

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    At the moment in the UK Family Guy is out on DVD on three volumes:

    Season 1 - 2 Disc Set
    Season 2 - 2 Disc Set
    Season 3 - 3 Disc Set

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    Season 1 & 2 was released in the US ages ago and will probably be out in the UK soon as well due to the trend of re-releasing DVDs over and over again.


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