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Thread: How Many Have Been Caught Using K-lite

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    are any of the people caught by the RIAA using K-lite?

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    From the screen names I've seen there was one K-Lite user. Probably using an outdated version.

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    There have been no recorded & verified notices of any member of K-Lite community being sued. The closest K-Lite has got to being caught is the default name used in the client being seen at the end of the initial supeona list.

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    I do not if any of sued people used k-lite, but if I would have been caught one time
    by some music industry I will inform you. Sure, I will continue sharing and tell them: we have to share our thoughts openly to understand each other better. ALSO OFFLINE! and also if this is hard sometimes and it is indeed. (although i understand copyright issues)

    thanks anyway, david.


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