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Thread: [REQ] waffles

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    I'm seeking an invite. Am a good member at rTT & demonoid & bm. Thanks!
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    mate, you have been a member here for more than 1 year, did only 15 posts and almost all of them are either applies or requests for all kind of trackers..
    maybe you should think about starting to help ppl here.. it will definitely help you to get what you want
    waffles is a good tracker and i won't risk my acc inviting you.
    gl anyway
    Dinkin flicka!

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    I thought trading wasn't welcome (see last waffles request)? Or was that because of account trading?

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    Who's talking about trading?

    He's talking about you'll be more active here, not only in the giveaway section.

    This way, you will be better known by other users and your chances of achieving an invitation to a good tracker increase.


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