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Thread: What.CD giveaway.

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    2-3 ratio proofs from good sites and a speedtest with current date.

    Picking the best one, not the first one.

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    great give away. can i have invite to well iam new member here , but i want to be give best to fst , and be active.

    these are few best i have

    Speed Test
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    better close it or you'll likely to end up at least with your invites privileges disabled..
    just an advice..
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    good giveaway man ,, I have been searching for ages to obtain this tracker ,, As i see i don't care about high level trackers as i care about my own interests , i may have those but the prinicple to use what u have is better than to have what u will not use ,,, if u offer me this u will help me also alot in my work depending on that traker to make some sound effects for some movies ,, programmes ,, etc
    u see my proofs ,, being a good seeder , as i know torrent for me and for all ,, about my speed test ,, i share seed-box with my friend this is my speed proof ,, i will keep going seeding using it if i have the account to keep a good ratio as i always do ...
    Please help me to have the account as i say it is not for collection or trading ,, it is

    for my work...

    my ratio prof

    im used seedbox

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    Yeah I'm sorry. Didn't knew about the rule that they permit public offers of giveaways. Check out my other giveaways that are perfectly safe though!


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