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Thread: Xbox 360 frame rate drop?

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    My 360 has been fine since the day I got it, but last week I threw in GTA 4 for the first time in months and I've noticed the gameplay is not as smooth as it once was. It gets choppy its going through a huge frame rate dump.

    Can someone help me with this? Its not a computer I have no idea what to do lmao.

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    Do other games do it too?

    Try cleaning the cd.
    If it's dirty or scratched the 360 can't fetch data fast enough...

    You could also try installing to the hard drive if you've not already done that.

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    Your 360 is just getting to the point where it's (specifically it's dvd-drive) starting to get old. Games like GTA 4 push the 360 the hardest and cause it to run hotter and whatnot. If you still notice the problem after installing it onto the hardrive then it's probably an issue with your GPU overheating. At that point you can crack it open and apply some cooling compund around the heatsink (will void your manufacturers warranty). Or call 1800-myxbox and see if they'll fix or replace it for you.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    Not sure why this happens, as it does happen to me when playing Halo 3 from time to time. But if it is just the CD drive.. you can now install your games onto your hard drive. Depending on whether you have a large enough hard drive or not you can install multiple games.(This also removes loading times).



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