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Thread: UnConnectable Problem What do you think about it ?

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    Welcome everyone :

    what do you think about unconnectable problem ?

    Do you think that's due to ISP,S ?

    or only from the users' firewall?

    What do you now about SSH ? Is it good in torrrenting ?

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    Tim Hortons

    I'm always connectable because I don't have a router, and I just allow uTorrent to access the internet from my firewall.

    So I's never caused a problem for me .

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    let me think about it... i had never have that problem

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    don't know where
    After i got a router never be connectable and i dont mind this so much...
    non-connectable can be about your isp or firewall but usually about your fireall...
    ssh is really good option if you can acces dont wait a min...
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    It's due to the firewall. Just open up the port in the router.

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    I don't get it, opening ports is so easy...

    Everyone should be able to do this:
    feels good, man

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    I remember this problem from my time spent on DC, whatever happened to the good old days

    Baby On The Way OMFG !

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    well, in order to help you we need more information like: your type of connection, model of router. what operating system, version of wine/utorrent etc. there are many reasons utorrent shows you as unconnectable, but there is always A reason- you should always be connectable. shed some more light on it some members here have really good understanding of utor on multiple platforms, essentially it comes down to ensuring the ports are forwarded correctly and the software/hardware your using isnt obsolete and plays well with all other necessary software/hardware. if your using a router/broadband connection check for your particular router. it could even be because of an isp that is taking part in the internet filtering trial in australia, more info is needed for someone to help you.

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    Just to clarify, I'm pretty sure the OP isn't talking about their own personal problem; I believe they were trying to start a discussion about the unconnectable problems of people as a whole, which is a bit silly I might add.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    I used to be unconnectable for a long time. I thought that if i open up ports I could end up making holes in security of my pc. I have loads of *cough imp stuff* . But recently I opened up a port and to be frank there are no speed improvements as such. But it has more easier to seed for me. And I think everyone should be connectable.. VERY easy if you follow the instructions that portforeward site

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