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Thread: [REQ] FunkyTorrents / SoftMP3

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    Hello FST,

    Long time member and active member of several private communities here, just wondering if anyone can spare an invite to FunkyTorrents or SoftMP3.

    Can give screenshots from F**/SCT/TL/TB/TH* etc etc

    Thanks, wish me luck guys

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    See below
    Wow, you have access to those sites and you ask for an SoftMP3 invite? I wish I had one to give you.

    Good luck mate

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    Kebert's Avatar Xela BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    Yup yup just always looking for more places to grab music from, hopefully these will require less seed time than I contribute to What...

    Alright, found a FunkyMusic invite- still looking for SoftMP3 invite folks..
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    Does anybody have any invite for funkytorrents ? Ive been looking for an invite for that particular site for a year now..

    thanks a lot
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    Funkytorrents opens their signups on a regular basis I believe(they used at least). So I would just keep checking.

    In the meantime you can always sign up at their sister site, Funkysouls. The site doesn't use the bittorrent method, it uses file hosting(rapidshare, megaupload, ifolder, etc), and is one of THE best music sites that I have came across so far. It's always open signup there.

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    i have invite to funkytorrents, pm your screens and speedtest)

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    Quote Originally Posted by roby17 View Post
    Invite was not found. Please retry signup or request a new one..

    @Kebert pm whi proofs and i give you 1 invite to softmp3

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    Pm sent.. Thanx


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