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Thread: Storing Unfinished Downloads

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    with a previous version of kazaa i was downloading so much stuff that i reached my 40gig limit plus i had too restore my system anyway so i stopped everything and burnt the unfinished dls ,restored and reinstalled the kazaa i was using at the time then dragged and dropped the unfinished dls into the shared folder.started kazaa went to traffic to find it didn`t work,but with this kazaalite 2.4.2it does
    so dat means u can save your unfinished dls on cd or whatever.
    is this kommon or do i get a prize

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    Yea you get a prize one dollar to claim your prize to 2234 fake street wasted haven cowifornia 11020 usa

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    Wow... where have i heard of this before??? o yah... about 2 years ago

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    sorry for going over old ground but when i tried it before i didn`t work
    it does now..............


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