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Thread: Where's The Beef?

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    I recently returned to usenet after not using it for awhile, and am encountering problems. I have an old copy of the Giganews binary newsreader, and am on Bellsouth DSL, with a subscription to for usenet access. I'm finding many groups, after all headers have downloaded, appear to be EMPTY. Am I missing something simple, or have the rules changed all of a sudden? Is bellsouth filtering the content? Can't seem to access any music or "other files". I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Hmm, try a different newsreader or re-install the one you have.

    Install newsbin pro and use the free trial and see if the problem persists.

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    Thanks, I think that did the trick. I've used this giganews reader for some years without any problems, but the last time I tried to open the program, it gave me the message "giganews database does not exist". Not too many options after that, so I re-installed and it seems to be working now.


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