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Thread: Rollercoastertycoon2 (trial?)

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    i just spend the last three days d/l'ing rct2 on a crappy conection....finaly got it on my computer...then tried to play it...loaded very slow and chrased, so this morning, spent all time defragging my harddisks and optimizing etc etc...then tried to fire it up, but only got a screen saying that my trial expired????? ...i have no idea where i can find some patch to make it un-trial (or something, spent hours looking on the net) and i can't find a "normal" full version.... can anyone help me???? pleeze? you would have my eternel gratitude

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    search google for a no-cd patch. if that doesnt work you may want to try downloading a verified copy of the game.

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    if i were you i wouldnt get any illegal copies of the tycoon games off the FastTrack Network. There are a number of people who have been cut off the internet because they have been reported to there internet service providers for sharing illegal copies of it.


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