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Thread: Jeepers Creepers 2

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    yeah has anyone got a hash or anything for the film i saw it and thought it was oki


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    i have got the tmd version of it. but their is a daduck version of it out on kazaa and k-lite. But search for it till you get a lot of users because the daduck versions are very hard to download fast. I got my tomb raider 2 and freddy vs jason on winmx before kazaalite. which says it all

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    well i think the da duck version are crap

    i downloaded one today of a film and it was just like tmd quality

    but what are the qualities of the da duck version???

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    everyone should know that it was made by a pedophile....sick git even put load of bare ass boys init .

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    get it off bittorrent i have a very good version

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    i just did, its not gr8 quality but its watchable, lacks a bit in colour n stuff and it says its a divx rip????


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