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Thread: KingBen's own IRC network

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    Those of u who have downloaded kingbens reencodes and sometimes early dvdscr releases know of his quality..well you are all invited now to his sites own irc network at and FOR SSL users use port 6697

    There is a chat channel, a help channel, game channel and last but not the least "a pre channel"

    See you there hopefully soon

    channels are, #kingdom.pre and

    games channel include trivia and UNO, scrabble coming soon and some more other games and INTERNATIONAL NEWS relay will be added soon too..

    lastly fully customizable radio channel will be arriving
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    sirAndrew's Avatar Member
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    This is gay...the whole ideea of a irc network for a reencoder is ghey.

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    he has a site with 65000 registered members..ghey for u looks like other users are enjoying it..u can be happy with ur other happy going ghey sites if u wish..dont join..its up to is for those who would want to be a part of his network..i am not saying OYE OYE COME JOIN..ELSE I KILL YOU lol ..those who wish can come..and are welcomed
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    sirAndrew go back to
    Just seeding

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    letīs take a look in chan

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    near the sun/ california
    Never heard about his releases:S

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    who is KingBen ?

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    if u are on trackers like torrentleech u will know abt kingben and STG reencodes

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    He had a nice upload for "Kung Fu Panda", before vcdq etc. would list it.

    06/07/2008 TELESYNC Kung Fu Panda *XViD* mVs
    Spoiler: Show
    06-24-2008 TELESYNC Kung Fu Panda V2 XviD KingBen
    Spoiler: Show
    08/02/2008 SCREENER Kung Fu Panda *XViD* mVs

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirAndrew View Post
    This is gay...the whole ideea of a irc network for a reencoder is ghey.
    i concur.

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