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Thread: Premiere Pro 7

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    any one know were i can get a working copy fast as the one ive got has an install error and i cant get it to finsh installing "missing dll file" ime using win XP any idears

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    Did you find one ???

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    if it has a missing dll u might be able to get away with jsut getting the dll and the the whole file again.

    what is the name of the dll that is missing?

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    I been trying to get mine to install for a while now.... Premier latest.. thought it was 6.5 n'way no luck... Also really really want after effects 6 working ...
    I put the on month trial on and fiddled around...put the clock foward a month and then back a month... '"trial has expired"... That would have been to easy lol ..
    But I have found with zip d/s you can get missing files

    Its a waiting game for something to pop up...

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    try emule, bittorrent, irc-ork, and ... kazaa once more

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    I posted the hash a couple weeks ago. It's a working copy, and is great. Let me find the hash....

    fuck it, I can't get the quicklinks to work

    the bin

    Length:345638160 Bytes, 337537KB

    the cue

    Length:119 Bytes, 0KB

    It's for emule
    If ya can't get them to work, just go to share reactor and click the links

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    also try on bittorrent. i seen those on suprnova

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    Does any one have a solution for the "missing dll" error at almost the end of the installation for Premiere Pro v7 (161.202kb)?

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    Download Shareaza at
    Once installed go to Network-Select Network and make sure to select all 3.

    go here (Or search

    (hit "select files", then add)

    This will start them downloading in shareaza, the .dll thing is from an early version that was floating around. This one works perfect, easy and simple to install.


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