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Thread: Very Confused......

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    Ok i have a 600k cable/broadband connection,i did a speed test on and this was my results:
    Download Speed: 568 kbps
    Upload Speed: 125 kbps

    But heres the weird thing,ive NEVER seen my speed go above 70 kbps on kazaa lite,and on bittorrent its even worse(35 kbps) WTF is going on? I use a sygate firewall(tried it off and no diff.) OS-Windows XP pro.Im very confused and could do with some advice as to how to get the speeds im bloody paying for!

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    lol its telling u 568kb/s u are getting speeds in kB/s there the same speed in bits and bytes. bytes are bits divided by 8

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    erm could someone plz explain wtf he just said? in english...

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    Ahh i see, oops So my d/load speed is 70 then,even so its still not right.

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    it should be about 75 but a firewall will mean that u dont get as good speeds, its a compirmise really.

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    use tcp optimizer i have the same as you 600k.....i get around 500KB/Sec Only For A Thew Seconds But For Small Files It's Great And Around 80 On Kazaa If Theres Good Sources

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    8 bits to 1 byte

    600 kilobits = 75 kilobytes

    You will rarley get the max speed due to protacol overheads, as you have cable it will also depend on how many users are on the cable in your street.
    It will also depend on the speed of the computer uploading to you and how many sources you set to get the file from.

    These tests are unreliable many things can screw them including traffic to the servers and so on, your speeds seem about right for your connection


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