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Thread: Question: Why are header files smaller than the total downloaded?

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    Long story short, I just spend the last hour downloading about 5 million headers using Newsleecher.

    In the download counter, it says that I downloaded a total of 4 GB.
    However, when I check the Newsleecher cache in %APPDATA%\NewsLeecher\ , the whole folder is only 870 MB.

    So what does this mean? Where is the other 3 GB???

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    i would think that they are compressed after they are downloaded :-/ I dunno.

    Why waste your time downloading headers in the first place?

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    dutchmaster420's Avatar God's Son
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    just go to and click browse and click what group you want...its much easier

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    there are real gems hidden in the headers. time consuming but worth it every once in a while
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    Compression makes sense. That's probably it.
    You know, for the headers, I download them because I don't know what I want to download so having a list of stuffs available in front of me to choose helps a lot.

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    I download headers not in the big groups but the smaller binary groups. I find many useful posts not found on NZB sites.
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