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    I just checked website. they provide seedbox with onetime payment. So I want to whether that is for lifetime??

    And also want whether we can download and upload unlimited using that seedbox??

    These are specifications :

    VPS Plan 1
    3 active torrents
    100mbps connection
    3mbps with 5mbps burstable limit.
    25 GB space
    uTorrent WebUI
    FTP access
    $24.00 USD One Time

    If I pay $24 then I can use this seedbox for lifetime with unlimited download and upload??

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    no man not again, its so damn difficult to remember and see so many seedbox sites coming up daily..

    sign of things to come.

    Looks like another ovh reseller
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    Just another wanna be seedbox hoster that uses nulled whmcs and doesn't know at all how to use it.
    He also resells OVH at extremely high prices.
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    why do people keep using that design??

    so this guy is splitting up 10 euro RPS to multiple users? what a terrible service...

    Everything he offers is extremely overpriced.
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    Because they do not know photoshop and css


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