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Thread: Wot Do U Think Of The New Mx 2004 Products

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    Just asking, wot u think of the new Macromedia MX 2004 products,

    personally i think the new Dreamweaver kicks ass, like that a lot, but the new Fireworks is just the same as the Previous MX version, a total let down....

    but i wud luv 2 hear wot other folks think

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    whats the latest dreamweaver i think im using 6.....

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    the latest dreamweaver

    find out here

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    there very good.

    i like the text shapern thind in flash and the code check in dreamweaver. i don't use fireworks to much only to make headers but i also use photoshop so either way is good.

    but yes there good.

    but a bit Expensive at $0000.00

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    but a bit Expensive at $0000.00


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