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Thread: ISO Files Opening??

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    ok this is dumb questions it's been a very long time since I downloaded something. Anyways I downloaded a game but it's in ISO. It's been almost over 6 years since I open an ISO file and I can't remember what program I use. How do I open the ISO and with what program?

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    Do you want to use the ISO on your PC?
    If yes then try DAEMON TOOLS.

    If you want to edit or such try PowerISO.

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    Well I want to be able to open up the ISO and at least install the game or open up the ISO and burn the stuff on a CD and than boot the game in cd and install the game.

    I did that with Madden 2002, open up the ISO and than burn it on a CD and install Madden 2002. I just can't remember how I did it. lol

    Do you have a link for the best program to do this?

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    U can use alchool 120 too
    Only ,Dragoi92

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    wrong section, but yes daemon tools is free and will let you 'mount' an .iso file and will treat it like a normal CD/DVD image inserted in a virtual drive on your computer.

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    i just use slysoft virtual colne drive to open my iso files, used to use daemon tools but heard that on their newest versions have a trojan or something in it, so i just stay away from it just in case.

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    ultra iso is the best imo. just right click the iso image and choose burn or mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniStoned View Post

    Moved to the software section

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