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Thread: Easynews User - Advice

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    Hey all.

    Been looking at joining a forum like this for awhile and this looks a good one to hang out, so hopefully you wont mind having me around.

    I've been an Easynews user now for just over six years and have always found the service to be fantastic. I get 26gb a month for $9.95 and have built up a gig bank which has almost 320gb available.

    I've looked at using giganews etc before but have been put off by the newsreaders as I really like the web based global search on EN. Now I've come across the NZB files posted on here, and places like newsbin.

    How does Easynews compare with other providers, such as Giganews and Astraweb? Web based search always seemed so much easier than the newsreaders - should I really re-visit this and go for a newsreader?

    I appreciate your views.



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    I can't compare to EN as I have never used EN but I have read that EN's Web interface is second to none. As far as Astranews they have the best unlimited plan deal going and if you use it along with NZB search/index sites such as NZBMatrix, NZBsRUS, Newzleech, Binsearch and FST's NZB index along with newsreaders like Newsleecher or Alt.Bins or Grabit then you really have everything you need with unlimited access or you can go with block plan.
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    I hate that you can't post to the groups with easynews. I also have NO need for a web interface, their retention is better than some but still sucks, and for the money... For another buck you could have WAY more retention, be able to post for requests, and never have to worry about what you've used. Not that you seem to be going overkill at the moment with bandwidth.

    My advice.. Pick something else..

    One plus about easynews.. if you use NNTP (not the web interface but a client) you are only docked for 75% of the bandwidth , and they don't count against your limit.. But then again retention is lower on the NNTP servers because more groups are available..

    To compenstate for UUE overhead, EasyNews only counts 75% of data transferred from NNTP.


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