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Thread: Bittorrent Creator Interview

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    Slyck's BitTorrent Creator Interview
    posted by g-smooth2k on September 12, 2003 @ 04:43am speaks with Bram Cohen about the success of BitTorrent and insights into the next version. would like to thank Bullet for giving the interview and Bram Cohen creator of BitTorrent (BT).
    1) Bullet : Did you think BT would become so successfull so quickly when you were first creating it?

    --Bram Cohen : Sure, when I put my mind to it I can be a megalomaniac.

    2) Bullet : So cool. Do you think that now that the US laws have deferred to the RIAA that they could get more aggressive than they currently are and spread the fight outside of the United States?

    --Bram Cohen : I don't know. They certainly seem to think they rightfully own the world.

    3) Bullet : BT is not a conventional P2P network, so i would ask you:

    Is this is an advantage or a disadvantage, closing an eye and opening another on the uploads (because there are BT clients which deny the upload speed) and closing both about the trackers (because there is a tracker per any BT file)?

    --Bram Cohen : People have asked for backup tracker functionality, but since trackerstend to go down permanently rather than transiently that wouldn't really improve robustness much.

    Read More of Interview HERE

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    The link to read more doesnt work for me.

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