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Thread: Steam Official 1.6 Release

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    i downloaded the NON-BETA version that was released today and after i install it it ask me to set up account and all that shit. so after i did that and i try to play, theres a window that pop up that said it need to move my old cs file into the steam directories or some shit like that. so i click okay and now i have been waiting for hours and it still at 0 percent. but the program is still responding so its not one of those not responding program. does ne one else have this problem? plz help.

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    okay...right now its says "converting half-life file into steam cache" and its been on that for bout an hour. the progress bar is still at the begining

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    dman 9 view and no reply...seriously if u not gonna help y view the question

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    Do you have Half-Life installed?

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    yea, i have the retail version of cs install along w/ the patch.

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    Originally posted by kazaaliterock@12 September 2003 - 17:42
    dman 9 view and no reply...seriously if u not gonna help y view the question
    Cause we don't know what you're asking. the title doesn't usually give details. and besides, five of those views are yours (don't bother asking how I know, I just do).

    And is your HL or CS a rip? Cause if it is, maybe you should try moving the files to the default install directories that the original games install the files to.

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    ummm no i view this twice and my retail version is the real one i bought from the store. not downloaded. i had no trouble w/ the beta. but dont know why this one is giving me trouble

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    i'm guessing that this version needs the real game and real cd key?

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    Ok guys I'm having the same kind of problems. I have the half-life plantinum pack just in case your wondering(includes, half life, blue shift, opposing force, team fortress, and of course, counter-strike (RETAIL)). Well every time I try to add game to the list, it starts doing what kazaaliterock said...Just sits there.. I had enterd the cd key when it asked for it. So what I did was just uninstall everything relating the steam and counter-strike. Then installed cs retail only and steam, put the cd key in (i had done this with beta), and just let it get to the point where it said "converting Counter-strike file into steam cache" but just sits there...doesnt stop responding, just won't do a fucking thing.... I don't know why, I guess I'll have to mess around with it

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    heh so im not the only one stuck w/ this problem. and btw, i too have a valid cd key. its really pissing me off

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