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Thread: Tmpgenc And Its Damn Pulsating

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    Everytime i convert a movie over to VCD compliant Mpeg with TMPGEnc, the end result is not bad picture quality but the movie pulstates like every 4 seconds or something.

    It does it for both anime and movies.

    Any one have best settings for TMPGEnc ??

    Im not sure if i can change ne settings on it beacuse the output might not be VCD comliant.

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    the priority settings for the direct show multimedia reader should be set a little higher if you AREN'T giving tmpgenc a quicktime video, a series of jpeg's that will be encoded as a single stream, or any avisynth script stuff(.avs). Lower them and raise direct show multimedia file reader,AVI2(opendml),wave file reader(if you are giving tmpgenc wav's instead of cbr mp3's), microsoft mpeg decoder, and the dvd2avi project file reader, in that order. Starting with directshow multimedia file reader as a "2" and ending with the bmp/tga/ppm/jpg file reader as "-3". Just a hint though, if you never changed the to begin with they are probably fine. It depends on what you are trying to do. Maybe its something else.

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    this kept happening to me man, i tried everything both reading things and jus basic clik and try but then i found a prog called dvd2svcd which does everything for ya it converts dvd's and avi files (all codecs seem compatible) and has both svcd and vcd settings hope this helps it makes the films smooth with no pulsating or "that god damn muther f***@@g judder" as i so affectionatly got to know it after many encode attempts

    after it has done everything you are left with .bin files (the number of bins depends on the size of your film ) and .cue files just use a burning software and "burn image" at a max of 24x

    for help on bins look around this forum(if ya dunno that is)

    all id say is read all the dvd2svcd forum info cos it is really helpfull

    hope this helps

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    are you doing any thing else while the file is converting??


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