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Thread: Halo Not Friggin Working.....

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    wen i start up halo, all i get is just the title screen with no text or anything apart from the halo logo....anyone out there have any ideas how i can actually play it?!?!

    i mean, i can hear myself goign thru the menu's and have even started a game once....but the screen is all i can see.

    thanks in advance.... =(

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    what's ur specs? more interested in ur video card and wut ur os is. is it the beta 1.5 iso? i have a 1.2 ghz, win xp, 384 mb ddr ram, and 40 gb hdd with 10 gbb free. it runs fine, oh, and make sure u have the latest drivers for ur comp, most likely that's the problem, if not, did u burn it right? i never burn unless it's really freaking important, i always use daemon tools, it's better and saves cdrs. neways, my point is, if u burned it, maybe something went wrong or the cd's scratched, try loading up the iso in daemon tools (if u dont have it, look it up in google, it's free) hope this helped, works like a charm for me, but doesn't run to smooth (i expected too with my shitty comp), but to tell u the truth, the xbox version is much better. hope this post helped a little bit if at all


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