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Thread: Wireless Pnueb - How to connect second pc?

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    Just got my first wireless router Netgear WNR2000
    using xpro sp3

    Geezuz the setup is complicated. (compared to plug in and surf.)

    ok so i finally got it to work wirelessly and lan cabled on my laptop.

    So how do i get it to connect to my 2nd pc, a stationary via lan cable?
    the stationary has no wireless card, so i use the cable.
    Do i need to run the cd setup from start on 2nd pc or is it simpler than that?
    I have static ip address.

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    Also Nod32 asks me whether i want to share folders or not - not sure what i should answer.
    It would be nice to connect the pcs together - exchange files.

    Which security level should i use? wep wpa wps wtf etc?

    Thank you for tips.

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    sorry i can't write too long here, as i'm just about to leave home.
    use WPA2 - psk encryption. It's very easy to setup and quite safe.

    if tomorrow i remember this again i'll return here. see ya.

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    afaik obtain ip and dns automatically and it should work after that. the cd has a wizard that will automate everything. the only type of connection that doesnt work out of the box is a pppoe dsl connection, from what ive come across anyway.

    see “Setting Your
    SSID and Wireless Security Manually”

    and “Using Push 'N' Connect (WPS)
    to Configure Your Wireless Network”

    id use wpa2, some older wireless devices like PSP dont support it though so you might want to use wpa.

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    Perfect yevgeny
    Thank you, problem solved.
    Redid the setup on pc1,it seems i had disabled a lot of services which where required.

    No more - i need the web more than you discussions.


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