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Thread: Madden 2004 Stratergies

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    what are your stratrges for madden 2004 on offence and defence cause i suck at it

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    ok first off a good strategy is to win and not lose. madden its good to do corner routes and crossing routes and dont be afraid to throw to your halfback. Dont throw the deep ball every time not every play has to be a 30 yard pass. Make sure you run the ball every know and again keeps you from being sacked all the time and when you drop back for a pass only go four or five yards and dont be afraid to step up. Also those madden challenges that you can practicing your passing running and defense i recommend they make you better. For defense i reccomend the 4-3 and do man and zone mix it up that is how u get picks and blitz a little bit also. IF it is an obvious passing down like 2 and 20 or 3 and 10 i recommend the dime package and the nickel defense is a good defense for like 2 and 5 or 3 and 5. i dont use the 3-4 dont like it.

    hope this helps and if u need anything else just ask



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