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Thread: Filesharing Broke On Campus

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    Over the summer, it appears that my College was able to sucessfully block Kazaa (and all other P2P programs for that matter) and was also able to block LANShare. Does anyone know how to get past this blocking? LANShare doesn't leave the campus LAN either. LANShare does not by default come with the ability to change ports.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    change the port

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    Originally posted by Mosfos@13 September 2003 - 02:09
    change the port
    1 step further, change the port, BLOCK port 1214, turn on hide shared files list, and block RIAA ips.

    If that doesn't work, chances are your college is blocking by ip packet CONTENT rather than what port it's from or going to... and there's not much you can do.

    BearShare on a different port and encryption enabled has a remote chance of getting through, but it sucks and the encryption thing is only in the betas and very flakey.

    Just leech from websites/ftp till hackers on-campus find a 'workaround'.

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    after that try proxy sock2http tunneling or proxies

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    For some reason, we can't get SOCKS or anything similar to work properly on our LAN. I can't even VPN to a server out of here very well. The thing that gets me is that LANShare is blocked. I was unaware that you could block things at the hub (yes, my campus uses hubs instead of switches). The hubs are not programable. I looked at changing the ports on LANShare, but I can't find any registry settings that do it for me. I e-mailed the company that made it, but I haven't recieved a response from them yet.

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    If the college has told you that you access the internet through a proxy server (specifically a HTTP one that you have to type the address of into your browser) then you may be able to get round any port blocking using a Socks To HTTP convertor. Search google and you'll easily find one, then all you have to do is set the convertor to use the web proxy server and set Kazaa to access the socks program (normally by typing in as a socks sever).
    It's not the fastest (or easiset probably) solution, but that worked for me all of last year... Then I moved out of halls of residence and got broadband, which is slower :-( , but unrestricted :-D .

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    maybe you don't have to bypass it. what about getting up a direct connect server on your campus. i know that at c*mbridge uni they have direct connect servers running on the network, so you can share files without using up the internet bandwidth, and because it's running on a lan you can get 100megabit download speeds

    that's what i'd try if i was you

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    Direct Connect looks promising. I checked out a couple of other searching apps, but they require that Windows Sharing be enabled to work properly.


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